Thermal/Thermographic Survey

Need to inspect your infrastructure, powerlines or buildings for damage and wear and tear? PSAH Drone Services has the solution!

We perform thermographic inspections of your assets and provide you crucial data on their health and maintenance requirements. By using a drone to capture the thermal data over large areas, the customer can efficiently and accurately make decisions on how issues are identified and repaired.

For the pics below we used a DJI M350 with H20T thermal camera, and we were able to pick up detailed thermal information of the site. From this data the customer was able to detect:

  • Excessive heat/heat overflow
  • Excessive cool
  • Structural degradation
  • Effectiveness of solar panels (photovoltaic survey)
  • Insulation degradation

The best thing about using drones to collect data is that it reduces the risk of an operation. Why send a person on foot or up a ladder to collect important information when you could do it more accurately, efficiently and safer with a drone?

Thermal imagery of work site
Mine site thermographic survey image
Overhead thermographic survey image