Aerial Asset Inspections

At PSAH Drone Services, we understand the paramount importance of efficient and comprehensive inspections of large and complex assets. Our Aerial Asset Inspection services provide you with the highest quality imaging and 4K video outputs, that can be used for maintenance and to track wear and tear of an asset or structure. Utilising drone technology to perform inspections at heights or in dangerous conditions reduces risk of worker injury whilst also enabling efficiencies in the work flow.

High-Quality Imaging and 4K Video Capabilities

Our cutting-edge drone technology empowers us to capture high-resolution images and 4K videos, ensuring a detailed and accurate inspection of your assets.

boundary line aerial inspection

Boundary Line and Fence Inspections

Property boundaries are the foundation of security and property management, ensuring they are in good condition is of utmost importance. Our drone-assisted boundary line and fence inspections ensure that your property boundaries are secure and well-maintained. We provide a comprehensive overview, including detailed imagery, to help you monitor and address any issues promptly.

Powerline Inspections

Maintaining the integrity of powerlines is critical to safeguarding your infrastructure. Our powerline inspections utilise advanced drone capabilities to conduct detailed assessments, identifying potential risks, wear and tear, and other issues. This proactive approach helps you prevent costly downtime and ensure the reliability of your power distribution.

Aerial asset inspection of a power pole
aerial structural inspection of an industrial shed

Structural Inspections

Our structural inspections cover a wide range of assets, including buildings, silos, roofs, and solar panels. With precision and accuracy, we assess the condition of these structures, identify defects or vulnerabilities, and provide actionable insights for maintenance and repair.

Inaccessible Areas

Some areas are challenging or even dangerous to access manually. Our drones can access and inspect these inaccessible areas with ease. Whether it’s rugged terrain, heights, or confined spaces, our drone technology allows us to gather vital data without putting personnel at risk.

electricity towers on mountainous rocky terrain inaccessible for normal inspections

Benefits of Aerial Asset Inspections with PSAH Drone Services

  • Cost-Effective: Our drone inspections are cost-effective compared to traditional methods, reducing the overall expense of asset management.
  • Efficiency: Drones can cover large areas quickly, saving you time and resources.
  • Safety: By reducing the need for personnel to access dangerous areas, our inspections enhance safety.
  • Precision: High-resolution imagery and videos ensure detailed assessments and informed decision-making.

Ensure the safety, integrity, and efficiency of your assets with PSAH Drone Services’ Aerial Asset Inspections.

Why Choose PSAH Drone Services


Our team, led by Chief Remote Pilot Sean Gallagher, boasts extensive experience in aerial data collection. Sean has been flying RPAs commercially since 2016 and has expertise with various drone types.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We invest in the latest RPA technology to ensure you receive the highest quality data and service.

Environmental Stewardship

Join us in minimising environmental impact while maximising project efficiency.

Customised Outputs

Tailored digital outputs to meet your project’s unique requirements, ensuring you receive the data you need.